I'm a lover of words, coffee and tequila. Lucky to be living my happily ever after as a wife and mom to two sweet kiddos and one crazy dog.

A quarter century

Happy Birthday....

To the guy who loves me, 

even though I'm perpetually grumpy when I wake up in the morning

even though I am a habitually stealer of the covers & take up more than my allotted half of the bed

even though I'm a Red Sox fan & He's a Yankee fan

even though I'm a die-hard Pats fan & he supports the Cowboys

even though I'm really awful at video games but insist on playing them with him

even though at times, I'm a little hard to handle..

even though I'm almost as stubborn as he is

even though, 

there's this other girl

who kind of has his heart....

Happy 25th Birthday Superman

I love you, even though you're now "twenty-old"...and if you're lucky, I might love you when you're really thirty :)

Letters to myself...

A day late...