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A day late...

Dear Gracie, 

    Yesterday, your Dad celebrated his 2nd Father's Day. Last year, you were only 2 months old. Father's Day fell on his 24th birthday. And I had made plans to go to a wedding. So he hung out at home with you. He was kind of gipped, although he would never admit it. 
  This year, you were pretty cranky. We had gone to a concert the night before, so you had a sleepover at the Leary's. While you had tons of fun, I think they wore you out! You napped a lot & then we went to a cook-out at Mimi & Grandpa's. We had a great afternoon, spending time with family. 
   I just wanted to tell you what a lucky girl you are. Your Daddy watched you come into this world and has loved you, with all his heart, for every second since. He works really hard to take care of us. He can make you giggle like no one else and you light up when you see him walk into a room.
   We're in the process of building our own bedroom & we will be (hopefully) moving in soon. As much as we love you, sometimes your snoring and occasional crying keep us up at night. And in the morning, if you hear us moving around, you want to be in on the action and be awake too. Even if it's 4:30 am and one of us just had to stumble to the bathroom. When I mentioned to your Daddy about how excited I was about moving rooms, he told me he would truly miss your little snores and knowing that you were right there with us. Your Daddy LOVES his sleep. But guess what? He loves you more
     Let me also tell you that you won the lottery in the grandfather department. Pops is pretty far away in Connecticut. We don't get to see him too often, but when we do- no one can tear you away from him.He loves you so much.

 And Grandpa? Oh man. I can say with almost 100% certainty you are his favorite person on the entire planet. We visit him at work every so often & he always tells me it's his favorite part of the day. You are his princess, his "best girl" and "perfect in every way". You can learn a lot from Grandpa. Don't listen to any of the bad stuff he tells you to drive Mama crazy...but the good stuff? Listen up, because he's one of the smartest people I know. 

    You're a lucky girl, Gracie. And so am I. And I think you already know it...

Love, Mama

PS: I know that Mimi will probably tease me about the fact that I didn't devote a Mother's Day post to her. Let me just tell you this- Mimi is definitely Mama's best friend, whether she believes it or not. There is a magnet on her refrigerator that reads "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all"...this becomes truer and truer for me with each passing day. That's ok with me, because Mimi is funny and kind, and smarter than she gives herself credit for. She loves you so much too, often requesting a "Gracie fix", because spending time with you makes her day so much better. Mama couldn't make it through school without her, because you get to go play at Mimi's house twice a week. And you love it, mainly because Mimi spoils you rotten. She is also responsible for 75% of your extensive wardrobe. We love Mimi too. 

A quarter century

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