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Free Ninety-Nine

So, let me be honest for a moment here. 

I had NO intention of sending out Christmas cards this year. The idea of creating them and hauling myself to the post office to mail them- terrified me. And paying for them? Well we've yet to tap into the natural resource of the money tree and I chose not having to be up to my elbows in Kraft macaroni and cheese until July over Christmas cards.

But then I was contacted by Shutterfly. For this fabulous promotion. They must of heard of my penchant for things that are FREE. I was psyched.

Let me recount briefly the Christmas card debacle that was Christmas 2009. I decided to create my cards in-store at Walmart. This was my first mistake. Even in early December, the place was a zoo. I had to wait for a kiosk and then, being true to my indecisive nature, spent an obscene amount of time debating over font colors and photo placement and choosing the exact phrase of cheer that I wanted the Lariviere-Cayer family to send out. When I finally finished, I received a print-out saying my product (of a simple 25 christmas cards) would be ready in 30 minutes. TWO HOURS later- I was still waiting. With my hungry, tired 6 month old. After unnecessary sass from a disgruntled employee & rallying around three other mothers of small children who were waiting with me- I demanded to speak with the manager (so very unlike me, but I was sweaty and stressed and my feet hurt). I ended up getting all my pictures for free. And when I returned to Walmart later in the week, the photo department was absolutely plastered with signs reading "Photos may not print in the provided time frame due to high volume sales". I felt victorious- I had big business shaking in their boots. I also vowed to NEVER buy cards from them again. I longingly perused sites like Shutterfly creating cards I knew I'd never order because I'm cheap. So when they offered me free cards as a blogger  (what? people read this thing?), I was beyond excited.

Shutterfly has hundreds of amazing Christmas card options. Personally?

I love me some polka-dots


Or maybe just some simple, straight-up Gracie girl...


And these calendars?


I want one for my desk, like yesterday. 

Amazing options, I could waste my whole day playing around on their site. My final Christmas card creation will be kept top-secret, until I send them out (which will hopefully be before January), because obviously I'm kind of a big deal. 
I highly suggest you get creative & make some of your own- and be sure to send one to me! 

Just ONE.

Baby Brain