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The friends I wish I had...

I'm fully aware that this post is going to make me seem a bit crazy. Which is, regrettably, accurate. The fact that I've had this conversation, with multiple people, also regrettable. But, I stand by this list of people I wish were my friends.

  1. A hybrid version of Emeril Lagasse & Jamie Oliver. Delicious, delectable, somewhat healthy (enter Jamie Oliver) food. Live in my kitchen. Cook for me. Make me the happiest girl in the world. 
  2. Bill Belichick. I'm sure there is a friendly soul somewhere underneath that cool demeanor. I'd like to discover this...have him over for family BBQs...and receive various perks such as, oh I don't know, on-field passes and free season tickets. 
  3. Tim Gunn. I need all the help I can get becoming a snazzy dresser. And I would constantly be setting him up to utter the phrase "make it work.."
  4. Tyra Banks. So that I would have a friend that I could look at and say..... "Man, that chick is crazy..." and know that she was, indeed, crazier than me. The potential entertainment value of this friendship = endless. 
  5. Beyonce. Truly, I want to BE Beyonce. I have long kept my adoration of Beyonce a closeted secret. Here it is world... I LOVE BEYONCE. But not Sasha Fierce. I can't handle alter-egos. 
  6. Dr. Drew. I would like him to moderate every disagreement Andrew and I might have. 
  7. Nancy Botwin. Yes I know this is a fictional character in Weeds. No, I dont' really want to be friends with a big-time drug dealer. If I could simply be that friend that she meets for coffee, but doesn't get wrapped up in all of her shenanigans- that's be fabulous. 
  8. Reese Witherspoon. I really just want to be her best friend. We could take our kids to the park together, go shopping...ok, ok, I digress...

  Could you imagine the epic conglomerate I would have? Not that I don't love my friends & family, because I do... but sometimes, it's fun to dream :) Happy Monday!

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