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 I've been neglecting my blog lately. I've been busy with school & such.

Two weekends ago we went here...

We had a great time. Gracie was truly this cute the entire trip:


For me, the highlight of the trip, besides the oodles of family time, we the tour of Fenway. You have to understand something about me-- I LOVE tours. I would take a tour of pretty much anywhere. I have traced this back to my mother & fully blame her for this dorky personality trait. She took us on tours of kilt factories, soup factories & the cadbury chocolate factory (amazing).  So to tour somewhere like Fenway- I was like a kid in a candy shop. I learned so much (have I mentioned I'm a nerd?) And got to sit  in the written press box and the top of the green monster- widely considered the best seat in all of sports. Awesome. 

  In other news, Gracie may be tiny- but oh my gosh is she full of it. 

  Dear Gracie, 
     Here are some things you love to do at 10 months old:
    • Opening and shutting doors. This is somewhat rude, particularly when you slam the door in visitors faces. But adorable, so we let it slide.
    • Blowing raspberries while eating dinner. It was cute the first time, but when I received a shower of peas-- I tend to have a serious sense of humor failure. I blame Daddy for encouraging you. 
    • Waving & Clapping. At strangers, inanimate objects & your own reflection. 
    • Saying "Mmmmm" after every bite at dinner time. This melts my heart. 
    • Perfecting the drunken-sailor walk. You want to be motoring, all the time. Keeping upright however, even with Mommy & Daddy's help, is a challenge. 
    • Eating. You my child, are a bottomless pit. I have NO idea how you are still such a peanut. You would also be in heaven if I allowed your diet to consist of bananas. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When you see the banana being sliced at breakfast time you squeal and do your excited pant thing and say "ba ba ba!". You yell if slicing is not completed fast enough for you. How did I end up creating such a diva? Shooot. 
    • Open-mouth kisses. You kiss everyone. You kiss Dakota, Mimi's stuffed orangutang etc. It's cute, just a little sloppy. 
                     Could we freeze time baby girl? I'm currently planning your first birthday..and I sort of want to cry just thinking about it. At the party, I'll be the one refusing to admit that you are actually a year old. 
                                         Love you to the moon & back, 


Blossom? No thanks.

Everything is grace....